Los Secretos are a Pop Rock band from Spain born in 1980. In 1998, they were the only survivors to that was called “la Movida Madrileña” (the 80’s Madrid Scene). Their music had artists’ influences as Dylan, Springsteen, Jackson Browne, James Taylor or Crosby, Still, Nash and Young.
Álvaro Urquijo is a guitarist, composer and singer born in Madrid on 1962. He founded “Los Secretos” together with his brothers Enrique and Javier.
The precedents already are explained; two sufficient points to place the personage. He has been so many years one of Los Secretos, a history plenty of beautiful songs.
An album is not supported only by the name of the artist. If there are no songs, everything exceeds. It’s a question of putting to do it and do it fine. This it the success of this album. Ten songs, one after other one, perfectly elaborated. And, which is more important, inspired. All that, though it turns out to be obvious, not all the artists obtain it. Álvaro has demonstrated always with Los Secretos that he could do songs, very good songs. It was necessary to verify, if he knew to do songs alone with another idiosyncrasy and responsibility.
It’s necessary to forget of Los Secretos though not completely. It’s necessary to think about the songs, about the lyrics. It’s necessary to know that he doesn’t like the fuss. He likes the very transparent guitars, the smoothness of the sound of the steel-guitar, the sound of the harmonica, the simplicity of a melody and the emotion of a lyric. Slightly very silly in an age of exuberant remixes, of disproportionate miscegenations, of false yellow hairs. Not, his first solo album won’t change the history of the rock. In exchange, he recovers the taste for returning to listen songs. No tags. Or if anything, the emotion.


Como En Un Cuento / Promesas / Cada Minuto / Por El Bulevar De Los Sueños Rotos* / Ya No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti / Fruto Del Corazón** / Solo Para Jugar*** / Miénteme / Prisionero / Dame Esa Oportunidad

All songs written by Álvaro Urquijo except:
* Álvaro Urquijo / Joaquín Sabina
** Álvaro Urquijo / José María Granados (Mamá)
*** Ian Gomm (“Hold On” cover)


Alvaro Urquijo: vocals & guitars / Juanjo Ramos: bass / Eric Franklin: drums / Ramón Arroyo: guitars & mandoline / Jesús Redondo: keyboards / Pedro & Enrique Gil: chorus on “Fruto Del Corazón” & “Dame Esa Oportunidad”

Produced by Nigel Walker.


Álvaro – Urquijo – Selftiled (Flac)
Álvaro – Urquijo – Selftiled (mp3-320)

Both files with complete HQ scan artworks.
Note: The album is “Out Of Print”

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Greeted as the band with the Pop more near to the sound of the Spanish bands of the 60s, they played the most current sounds that were devastating the british scene in the 80’s, the new wave and the power pop.

Their first E.P., produced by Carlos Narea, who let the band to work to their air, it’s one of the best vinyls of the Spanish New Wave. Four songs of simple, fresh, enterteining pop, without pretensions, two of them any more power pop and energetic, and other two more acoustics, between that the above mentioned stand out “Nada Más”, and “Ya No Volverás”, two half times tremendously sticky of dislike, both composed by Jose Maria Granados.
Their first album “El Último Bar” begins with very costellian “El Show Empieza”, the ideal song to begin a concert. The influence of illustrate newwavers as the own Costello or Any Trouble makes be obvious also in songs as “Chica Cruel” or “Ligarse A Vicky”, and the power pop more dancer of “El Figurín” with a pace that can remember to bands as the Doctor Feelgood sweetened and passed to the area of the pop.
Chapter separete deserve “Escóndete”, the purest Power Pop. One of the best all times spanish songs, who resembles those jewels hidden in singles of English and lost Americans bands, so typical of that age.
“El Último Bar” is as they themselves recognize: a tribute to The Records and their “Starry Eyes”.
Also there’s occasion to raise the foot of the accelerator, a time for 60’s ballads, with letters of dislike or teen disenchantment, as “El Número equivocado” and “Buscándote A Ti”.
A great album.
After the first excellent long play of the band, the Selftitled album is one of the most disappointing discs that we have had the opportunity to listen to a Spanish band. The songs already are not, in general, at the level of the previous ones but the company commits the most serious mistake on having entrusted the production of the album to Luis Cobos, who demonstrates that he was out to the New Wave sound of Mamá, beside not understanding ever the needs of the sound of a group of these characteristics.
A disaster of production.
Taken from lafonoteca.net, reviewed by Rafa García-Purriños

“Nada Más” was recorded live in 1997 and contains all their greatest hits.
“El Show Empieza” is a very good collection of demos of their best songs.

Mamá - E.P.
Mamá - El Último Bar
Mamá - Selftitled
Mamá - Nada Más
Mamá - El Show Empieza-Las Maquetas

Bitrate: 320

Tracks in comments.

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They came from Belfast (North Ireland). Originally founded in 1978 as No Sweat, they were sued by Pete Townsends Eel Pie Records, which had a band of the same name. They changed their name to THE SWEAT and had several hits in the early Eighties.

The album contains one of my all times favorite songs “Why’d Ya Have To Lie”, which could be put together with songs like Back Of My Hand (The Jags), Let’s Go (Dirty Looks), What I Like About You (The Romantics), Don’t Wait Up (The Beat) or Starry Eyes (The Records).


Clive Culbertson: vocals,bass,guitar / Michael Katin: guitar / David Stuart: keyboards /Ricky Bleakley: drums

Here I leave a video of his performance in Tokyo in November 2007, the sound carries the original version of “Why’d Ya Have To Lie” and only at the end of the song the voice sounds live. It’s clear that the years do not go in vain and our bodies are no longer as in the early 80’s.


1. Isn’t Anything Sacred (2:23) / 2. Here Comes Another Lonely Night (3:11) / 3. No More Running (2:23) / 4. You Gotta Lotta Nerve (2:30) / 5. I Can Hardly Wait (3:41) / 6. Can’t Help Myself (3:16) / 7. I Must Be Crazy (2:50) / 8. Please Don’t Say You Love Me (2:44) / 9. We All Make Mistakes (3:17) / 10. Why’d You Have To Lie (2:55) / 11. Do You Wanna Break My Heart (2:08) / 12. How Much Longer (2:58)

CD bonus tracks:

13. Start All Over Again (No Sweat) / 14. You Should Be So Lucky (No Sweat) / 15. Let Your Love Shine On (No Sweat) / 16. Ginny Don’t Cry (No Sweat) / 17. Hey Little Girl / 18. Nobody Told Me / 19. Don’t Say A Word

Available at 1977 Records (Only 15 € or $21 including shipping costs)
The Sweat at myspace

The Sweat – No More Running [Expanded Flac]
The Sweat – No More Running [Expanded mp3-320]

The Dutch New Adventures started in Groningen, Holland in 1978. Part-of the new-wave culture at the time brought them great success. The trio contributes their style to Cuby & the Blizzard, Gallagher, Cream, Hendrix, at Years After and ZZ-Top.

They secured a contract with Polydor about 1979, stands the trio in the voorprogramma of a tournee of applied Golden Earring! In 1980, Earrings producer/guitarist George Kooymans helped with the first LP “New Adventures” and the group scored a hit with the track “Come On”. Kooymans also produced their second LP “Wild Cats Moanin'”, the group develloped an enviable reputation as a fantastic live act and on 8 June 1981 they perform at a pop-festival. In front of 50,000 rockfans they remain one of Hollands top groups. Third LP was “Follow”.

After a short silence, they returned with the fourth LP, “Radiator”. Henk has been replaced by the new drummer Peter Walrecht, their style became more contemporary

A further and longer period of silence from the band, followed by the “Best-off (best Adventures)” and a live-LP “Life is a mess” was released. At the end of 1989 Scorpions producer Dierks, Peter and Harry went to Germany to start a new project. Two CD’s (“New emptying” and “Deep Colors Bleed”) followed as well as a tour in Germany, France and the USA. Ending 1993 with the name “New Adventures” a new tour was started and with the Canadian guitarist Stalemate Travers a complete Europe tour was played.

Bass player Harry decided however in 1995 to return to Germany and then Gerrit Peat became their new bass player. A new CD “Baby Shake” was released. It is a real old-fashioned blues tune and draws upon older track: “Come on” and “Back to the pip”. Soon afterwards Gerrit Peat was replaced Ruud Engelbert.

The band still tour Europe, but infrequently. (Leeds Music Scene)


Peter Bootsman: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals / Harry DeWinter: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals / Henk “Torpedo” Kuiper: Drums, Percussion

Producer: George Kooymans / Engineer: John Kriek / Remastered By: Bart Oranje


Selftitled: 1. Come On / 2. Drive Me Wild / 3. Spacelab Cowboy / 4. You Can’t Do That / 5. Right To Cry / 6. Bacchus Beckett / 7. Money / 8. Late Late Show / 10. Backdoor Lovers / 11. If Your Mamma Don’t Like It / 12. Rock & Roll Woman / 13. Genie Dance / 14. New Adventures (All In It Togethers)
Wild Cats Moanin’: 15. Midnight Magic Maniac / 16. Highway Fever / 17. I’m Ready For Love / 18. Too Much Hanky-Panky / 19. Chicago / 20. I’m Moving On / 21. Call Men / 22. One Way Love / 23. The Last Of The Mohikans / 24. Gambler To The Backbone / 25. Cat On The Run / 26. She Does It Right


Tracks 1 – 14 recorded in december 1979 and january 1980 with the Mirasound Mobile in Veerleveen, Oost Groningen, The Netherlands. Releases on lp originally in 1980.

Tracks 15 – 26 recorded in december 1980 and january 1981 at the Relight Studios, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands. Released as Wild Cats Moanin’ lp originally in 1981.

The New Adventures - St + WCM (Lost & Found cd flac)
The New Adventures - St + WCM (Lost & Found cd mp3-320)

Ian Matthews was incredibly prolific in the late-60’s/early-70’s leaving two albums on the shelf. The 2nd Plainsong album (available on the Water label) is the better of the two, but I was very happy with Gospel Oak when I finally heard it. It was easy to take music of this style and quality for granted 30-odd years ago. Ian had impeccable taste in song-selection, his beautiful voice never missed a note and he always surrounded himself with sympathetic and skilled musicians. This may be an unambitious album – recorded to fullfill his contract with Vertigo I believe – but it is a satisfying one. A comfortable shoe for any fan of Ian Matthews. (Guy R. Ewald)


Ian Matthews – guitar, vocals / Jerry Donahue – guitar / Andy Roberts – guitar / Pat Donaldson – bass / Timi Donald – drums


Knowing the Game (Ian Matthews) / Polly (Gene Clark) / Things You Gave Me (Tim Hardin) / Mobile Blue (Mickey Newbury) / Tribute to Hank Williams (Tim Hardin) / Met Her on a Plane (Jimmy Webb) / Bride 1945 (Paul Siebel) / Franklin Avenue (Ian Matthews) / Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Dan Penn/Chips Moman) / Sing Me Back Home (Merle Haggard)

Expanded: Met Her On A Plane (7 inch single mix) / Devil In Disguise (Chris Hillman) (album outtake) / Knowing The Game (2006 re-recording) / Polly (2006 re-recording) / Franklin Avenue (2006 re-recording) / Tribute To Hank Williams (2006 re-recording) / Devil In Disguise (2006 re-recording)

Expanded files includes cd and vinyl artworks

Ian Matthews - Journeys From Gospel Oak (mp3-320 vinyl rip)
Ian Matthews - Journeys From Gospel Oak (mp3-320 cd expanded)
Ian Matthews - Journeys From Gospel Oak (flac cd expanded)

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The Boys were perhaps punk’s saddest casualty. They could — indeed, should — have been enormous. Certainly they were one of the finest live acts around, but still they were to languish in comparative obscurity, with even their continental success seemingly working against them. Even worse, when their debut album was reissued on CD, it arrived with a sticker on the front proclaiming the involvement of ’80s AOR superstar John Waite — a claim which has absolutely no grounding in reality. More recent reissues have redressed the balance (or at least dumped the sticker), while the band itself has regrouped on occasion, to thrill a new generation with those classic numbers. But still the story of the Boys is one filled with great songs, an arsenal of killer hooks, and too many lost opportunities to count. (all music… read more)

Weekend / Wrong Arm of the Law / Poor Little Rich Girl / Monotony / Nothing Ventured / Wonderful World / Scrubber / Satisfaction Guaranteed / Gabrielle / Miss You / Little White Lifeline / Let It Rain / Cool [bonus] / Lucy [bonus] / Terminal Love [Single Version] [bonus]

The Boys - Boys Only (flac) (New Rip)
The Boys - Boys Only (mp3-320)

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The Boys’ is chock full of fast, tuneful and powerful songs and still stands as probably their best record. From the Brats re-treads of “Sick On You” and “Tumble With Me” to the set closer “Living In The City“ it‘s a breeze of fresh air and this wonderful record debuted at number 50 in the album start and then promptly disappeared. Blame for this has been apportioned to the recent death of Elvis Presley meaning that the pressing plants couldn’t cope with producing enough records, but in truth it was probably more down to the hapless NEMS label’s shortcomings.
In To Hell With The Boys we can find songs like “Rue Morgue”, an absolute delight with great chord and rhythm changes. “You can’t hurt a Memory” a power ballad that is intense and heartfelt and very John Lennonish. “Lonely Cowboy” just downright fun and it rocks. Matt Dangerfield really shines here as a guitar player too. More Pop Rock than Punk, this is a great album.

The Boys tracks:

Sick on You / I Call Your Name / Tumble With Me / Tonight / I Don’t Care / Soda Pressing / No Money / First Time / Box Number / Kiss Like a Nun / Cop Cars / Keep Running / Tenement Kids / Living in the City / Watcha Gonna Do – (bonus track) / Turning Grey – (bonus track) / First Time, The (Long Version) – (bonus track) / Lonely Schooldays – (bonus track) / I Don’t Care – (bonus track) / Take a Heart – (demo, bonus track) / Run Rudolph Run – (The Yobs, bonus track) / Warm Song, The – (The Yobs, bonus track)

To Hell With The Boys tracks:

Sabre Dance / Rue Morgue / Terminal Love / See Ya Later / You Can’t Hurt a Memory / Kamikaze / Lonely Cowbow / Waiting For the Lady / Bad Day / Independent Girl / I Love Me – (bonus track) / You Better Move Now – (bonus track) / Schoolgirls – (bonus track) / Rub a Dum Dum (The Yobs, bonus track) / Another Christmas (The Yobs, bonus track)
The Boys - St (flac) (New Rip)
The Boys - St (mp3-320)

The Boys - To Hell With The Boys (flac) (New Rip)
The Boys - To Hell With The Boys (mp3-320)

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